About Health Trek

Group Health’s Nutrition and Fitness Education Program for Teens

Health Trek is a program of Group Health, implemented in middle schools throughout the state of Washington. Health Trek is an educational program to improve the health of young people by increasing knowledge of nutrition, fitness, media literacy, and healthy choices.  The primary component of the program is a curriculum aligned with Washington State’s Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs), Grade Level Expectations (GLEs), and Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) in health and fitness.  The Health Trek curriculum is available at no charge to educators.

The Health Trek website has many resources targeted to both students and teachers. By using elements like interactive games and tools, fitness calculators, and student activities,  HealthTrek.org supplements the classroom experience of the curriculum to further the power of the Health Trek program.

Health Trek is a part of Group Health's long tradition of community involvement—In conjunction with the Group Health Foundation—which includes outreach programs, partnerships, and community sponsorships.

Contact Health Trek
Group Health Foundation | 320 Westlake Ave. N. Suite 100 | Seattle, WA  98109
phone: 206.448.7330 | foundation.ghc@ghc.org | www.ghc.org